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Five Hundred Mountain is really a manmade tall pillar shaped hill built as a memorial to the Indianapolis 500 Auto not long after the great nuclear/biological wars. An unknown group or individual flattened the top and built the castle there. The top of the hill is about a quarter mile above the surounding land. The castle is not very tall reaching about ten stories high.
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In the PICTURE on the mountain top military escorts are at the castle to take the muffin company to their new home in the Day City. In the lower left corner of the picture skelebots are on their way to the castle as ordered by their maker Master Z. The skelebots hope to capture the muffin company including Solomon Dayfair who possess the legendary Bruised Diamond.

Below is the map of the North Eastern half of New America. Can you locate 500 Mountain on this map? It is north of the Troll Reservation.
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