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Benny Berrington
Chapter Three

Benjamin is walking home from school alone after detention. Walking down the busy street with shops, food markets, street vendors, and afternoon shoppers, he spots an older teenager leaning against a building on a corner of this street. Benjamin knows this young man well. This young man is a recent high school drop-out and he likes standing on street corners looking for trouble. Benjamin knows that this young man likes trouble, and because Benjamin is angry for having detention he decides to give this young man what he is looking for.
      "Hey, Big Brian, you owe me two dollars. I loaned you two dollars last month because you were short a few dollars when you were taking my cousin Louise out on a date, remember? You were in high school  at that time also," Benny taunted hoping to say the right words to irritate Brian, "She dumped you after you quit school and now you are nothing but a drop out...and, I still want my money."

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