The Bigfoot are Alive and Walking
Where are they found? Only in New America.

The heavier concentration of Bigfoot are found on the Michigan glove of the Michigan Region of New America. However, many live in small groups throughout  Canada.
They are very peaceful and rarely do battle among themselves or with anyone that is not Bigfoot. The big foot people are shy but will interact with a limited amount of others in some cases.

In this
PICTURE these big foot people are spying on Rashen goblanders in the Detroit Forest

In this second
PICTURE, the big foot are preparing to attack the evil in-mortal wizard and this group of military dressed goblanders. This PICTURE is a nighttime picture.
The Detroit Forest

Bigfoot in the
Detroit Forest 1

Bigfoot in the
Detroit Forest 2

In these two forest scenes the big foot people have discovered goblanders in the forest. A battle is about to brew and the goblanders are in for a big surprise when they find it will be impossible to contend with Bigfoot, although these goblanders are military trained.