The Muffins by timothY k. robinson
It is a world of super science, high technology, and magical wonders. There are super immortal and inmortal humans who have power beyond mortal men. This world evil INmortal (in-mortal) beings clash with good IMmortal (EMmortal or im-mortal) humans because the latter wants to keep the former from enslaving mankind with by controling man with evil inmortal powers.
This is the world of the MUFFINS. Muffins are little blue-headed humans whom many evil
inmoratls (in-mortal) hate and want to destroy. This is their story, Once in a Coming New America.
Once in a Coming Time, two muffins take off in their flyingmobile on a mission. To tell you the truth, they do not realize they are on a mission.

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Introducing the Muffins

Solomon, David, and Charlotte.
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The Muffins Part One : The Chase
Chapter 1, A New England Celebration
            2.. The Cobrola
            3. Lord Charles Buckingham of
             4. On Board the Cobrola
                 (A diamond thief)
             5. Back to the muffin Villages
             6. A Slight Delay
             7. Chapter Seven
             8. The St. Lawrence Chase
             9.  "Montreal"
             10. Deakara, Prietess of Canada
             11. The Last St. Lawrence 
             12. The Bluelake People
             13. Bluelake People's Battle
             14. A Bit O' History
             15. The End of the Tunnel
             16. Rest For the Weary
Timothy K. Robinson
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Chapter One
A New England Celebration
Once in a coming time, two muffins take off in their flyingmobile on a mission However, they don't realize they are on a mission. The only thing Solomon Dayfair, and his reluctant cousin David Mayfield, are planning to do is take a picture of the great ship Cobrola and return home. Yes, that is their only intent, take pictures of the flying ship and return home to thier New England villages, then depart with everyone else for the Day City. However, these two are in for an adventure of a lifetime.
David Mayfield is a reluctant companion on this little adventure fearing potential danger. Solomon Dayfair feels a drawing by some unknown force and wants to take the risk.
  Oh, I'm sorry.
You are probably wondering by now, what is a muffin?

(If you want to read on further about the muffins, ininkiaonnacks, goblanders, skelebots, flyingmobiles, and will just have to purchase the book at the above price(s).