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Muffin Characters
Muffin Info:
Hi. My name is Tim Robinson, Sr.  I'm a pastor, teacher, of the Bible and creator of the Muffins. I'm also happily married to my wife Michele who is a supporter of me in every endeavor.  On this page I will tell you about the muffin characters.
In 1985 while living in Wichita Falls, TX, I was writing a differnt story based in this north Texas city. While writing this other story I came up with an idea about muffins. At that time I had two children (little boys) and I created two muffin characters,
Solomon and David because of them. To be honest, Charlotte was placed into the story because we needed a girl in the story also. 
It took a year to complete the muffin story in its original form.    For ten years I did nothing with the original rough draft except retype it with an intent to send it to a publisher for consideration. I focussed my attention on the other story and wrote another novel during those ten years. It was not until 1996 when I sent the Muffins to an agent who read it but turned it down.
Then I decided to self publish the story. The copyright of this story was divided in half making each part  seperate books. Presently Part I (The Chase)is available to purchase as found in the Inroduction link of the Muffin web site: www.the-muffins-by-tim.com and clicking on to Intro to the Muffins lnik. (Part II, In Preparation, will be ready by July 2007)
I am certain you will enjoy The Muffins as much as I've enjoyed writing this futuristic story, based in New America, A thousand, thousand years into the future.  
Solomon Dayfair:
    He has distinctive blue hair that is a little curly. He is about five feet nine inches tall, and this is very tall for a muffin. He is nineteen years old in this story He is bearer of the coveted, sacred, but mysterious BRUISED DIAMOND.   
(Solomon Pointing)
David Mayfield: Is probably the cuter of tthe three main muffin characters. He is fifteen, and almost sixteen in this story. He is the average sixty-two inches in height. His blue hair grows straighter than his cousin Solomon's but with a chayantay of green can be seen with the light. He is Solomon's close (but reluctant) companion in adventures.
Charlotte Muffield: She is the little sister of the two young muffins. Her hair is blue and her eyes are big. She is fourteen in this story. She is of one Grandfather's Muffield's two grandchildren in this story.
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Solomon Dayfair and Diamond

Solomon carrying diamond
Grandfather Oshua Muffield: He is perhaps eighty-eight years old, but he will never tell anyone including his best friend,  college profesor Dr. Thomas (Mr. Tee) Adkinson. He is the average height of a muffin and he has blue/white hair because of his age. HE HAS GREAT IMMORTAL POWERS. He is a priest of the highest order the priesthood of the evangelical type religions of their day,  and he is respected as the Billy Graham of this time. He has many immortal gifts including wisdom, insight, knowledge, etc. He is loved by many but hated by evil inmortals.
General Characteristics: Average height: 5feet 2inches. Hair color: Blue, or blue/green. Eye color: Hazel (majority), blue,  or brown. Feet are big for their size, but great toe is big for their big feet size. All other body characteristics are like  the normal humans although big eyes seem to be a dominate characteristic of muffins.
The average muffin usually have very pleasant dispositons.
Most muffins are very religious and have a fondness for God or an idea of a great Diety over the entire universe..
They love to sing and dance.
They are no more intellegent than regular humans and other mutated people of their time.
Muffins wear the clothing of their time but love to wear denim and hats. Muffins rarely wear shoes but prefer sandals because of their larger than normal feet and great toes. In snow they will wear animal skins as feet covering. .
     The Bruised Diamond
The Mysterious Bruised Diamond. No one understands it. All everyone knows about the Bruised Diamond is that it will give the possessor what he/she desires...but not all of the time. It is coveted by every super human of this time; for, both the good and the evil desire to have the stone.
Evil inmortals will do any and everything to posses the diamond...even wipe an entire nation, including the most power nation on earth at this time, NEW AMERICA. 
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