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From Chapter 29 of The Muffins

Title: Let us Walk

Let us walk
Let us talk
Let's march
And sing as the Lark.

The place we go
We do not know
But where we end
on our own we do intend.

To really rest
After this test
Hear the bells
Stories tell

Of us all
We heed the call
To all we know
Death be told.

The Creator bless
Our steps and quest
For we know
He guides us, oh.

Let's walk
Let's talk
Time as it pass
A moment won't last.

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(cont from below)

So let us share
A heart in care
For those who are
Life left a scar

Be men as one
All old and young

Hear the bells
Stories they'll tell
Of men's plight
Unless we see a light
To keep us through the night

And life's hard fight
Seems always be night
But we'll walk right
The end time, night.
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