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Puppy-elves are people that live in villages near the New American troll reservations. They are said to be the prettiest people on earth. (even prettier than muffins, although, the average muffin would object to this ideal of another human being prettier than he or she).
Yes, they are mutated humans that grow no taller than five feet six inches with few exceptions like Wooly-Bright who is tall for a puppy-elf.
Puppy-elves do not care for the name given to them by others--but, it is their long ears that droop to their shoulders that give the name.

In the picture on this link, there are five puppy-elves of our story The Muffins.

      Their names in the picture on the next page in order from left to right are:




Starrie-Bright (Wooly's twin sister)

Snowy-Flake (the youngest of the five)

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