Skelebots Marching
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Probably the most horrid sound one does not want to hear in the wilderness of New America is the clinking/clanking sound of walking Skelebots.
Skelebots are nothing more than walking JUNK. However, skelebots are very dangerous and follow the commands of their evil scientist leader MASTER Z.
Skelebots are merciless as their leader is merciless. Skelebots have no allies battling both New American Rangers and Rashen goblanders.

There are two ways skelbots are made. The majority of them are just pieced together metal junk into a human like skeleton structure. Others are made from human or goblander skeletons dipped into a molten steel that turns the bones of the organic skeletons into walking metal skeletons.
All skelebots heads have a military helmet on the heads to protect the delicate brains. The metal bodies are wired and each joint has a electronic chip that is controled by the brains. The brains are contolled by a walking server with sent radio waves or from one of Master Zs master computers hidden in various locations on the North American continent by satelite. Some of them wear midevil type chest plates and each carries an energy weapon while a few swords.  

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