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Hi. The following pages on this web-site contain pictures of our family. ALL YOU KNOW ABOUT ME TIMOTHY ROBINSON ARE THE MUFFINS. Well I have a wife and a family. The following pages will contain pictures of grandchildren and children.
Pictures of children and grandchildren nieces and nephews...press page numbers...........
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My hobbies and interests include walking, writing, reading (sci-fi books as Star Wars' Novels) and spending time with my best friend-My Wife Michele Robinson. I am a church pastor of ShowMeTheWayMinistries Church.
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I attend church on Sundays and Bible Study on weekdays. I also attend our churches youth services on Friday nights.

My best friend is my wife and we work hard keeping our church going with the help of good friends and family members.
Others that help include:
1. Sheldon Cooper (brother-in-law and close friend)
2. Maurice Robinson (brother)
3. Mary Ann Robinson (mother)
4. Marie Cooper (mother-in-law)
5. Jason Martin (son)
6. Pat  & Annie Ruth Robinson (aunt and uncle)
7. Rebecca Rodriguez (daughter-in-law)
8. Jannel Cooper (youth minister)
9. and many others whose names room will not allow at this time.

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