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My darling wife, Michele. I wrote this poem long time ago, but I believe I wrote it for you.
A Gentle Romance
(Our gentle romance)

I want to be your
A worlds greatest lover

As in the days of romance
Your heart I'll enhance

And with a precious kiss
A lovely moment you won't miss.

Let's express our graceful passions
In our own beautiful fashion,

In love, our hearts warm
In love, as if new born.

Come let me your dreams fulfill
Oh, your emotions I will thrill

Let me enhance your flame
A great romance we'll claim

I want to give you a longing you need,
I want to love need, you feed

And make you feel as a woman
And give you an earthly heaven.

Then make you feel so good
As a lover should.

For I want to be your
A worlds greatest lover
Timothy K. Robinson

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