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Charlotte and Billy are hiding from skelebots in this scene from a chapter in Part of the The Muffins. One set of skelebots followed the muffin children and Billy for miles hoping to lead them in a trap. However, it is not the muffin children that are in for a surprise; but, the skelebots are in for a surprise when they are frozen in place by someone watching the metal skeletons follow the children before they are able to catch the childre..

HERE to view this picture of Billy and Charlotte hiding under the tall tell oak, then press your back button to return to this page.

Note: the leaves in this picture are not a true representation of what tall-tell oak leaves look like.
Tall-tell oak leaves look like regular oak leaves. Tall-tell oak leaves grow as large as five feet long and longer.

Some tall-tell oaks are more than a thousand years old and have a girth as large as a house or bigger.   
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