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What are flyingmobiles and glidermobiles?

With the developement of anti-gravity generators the use of the wheel on vehicles has decreased almost to non-existance. Every vehicle of this time is built with the ability to ride with use of anti-gravity--or float above the earth.
According to the strength of the anti-gravity generator, each vehicle is able to float from five feet above the ground (average glidermobile flies no higher than five feet above the ground) to up to fifty feet high. The average military vehicle, public transportation vehicle, and transport truck will average 120 to 150 feet above the ground. With a power boost, some vehicles will fly as high 1200 to 1400 feet above the ground.
The anti-gravity generator allows the vehicle to float as high as the driver desires, and the anti-gravity battery keeps the vehicle afloat in the air in case of an accident or the inner parts of the vehicle cease to work. The broken-down vehicle will simply slowly decend to the earth.
A crash to the earth or crash landing is rare except if a vehicles anti-graviy mechanisms are badly damage intentionally or accidently.
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