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   It is a Thousand Thousand years into the future and our world has changed. This is a world of super science, high technology, and a world of magical wonders. It is a world made up of many genetically altered humans beings and a few creatures rumored to be not of this world. A small fraction of the population has an ability to use their entire minds with telekinectic abilities...some far beyond the ability of the average human. Many men use their super mind powered abilities to help others and for bettering mankind; however, others may use their abilities for selfish gains and to gain power hoping for world conquest. Anyone that uses his/her super human abilities for evil gain are called Inmortal humans, and anyone that uses his/her abilities for good are Immortal (or Emmortal) humans. Both sides continually clash with one another. While one side strives to control mankind and want man under their control, the good immortals want man to live in peace, love, and harmony.
      This is the world of the Muffins. Muffins are little blue-headed humans whom many evil inmortals hate. this is their story, Once in a Coming New America

Timothy K Robinson
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