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I wrote Across the Red River at the same time as I was writing The Muffins. I began Across the Red River in early 1985 and the Muffins in late 1985. Both stories were written in my hand writing and presently the only original story I have of the two in my hand writing is Across the Red River. I finished Across the Red River in  1985 but the muffins in the spring of 1986. I was living in Wichita Falls, Texas and a member of the United States Air Force and at the time with two sons. I plan to place only a part of Across the Red River on this web-site and self publish it as my first novel in a few years after the muffins are ready for sell. When I begin adding pages of the story to this link these words The Red River at the bottom of this page will appear a different color or underlined in this blue area. Then you will be able to read the first story of this novel. As time passes I will add a page of this story to this web-site until I have Across the Red River ready for sale.

The Red River