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Across the Red River and other stories by Tim Page
This is the page with links to other works by Timothy K Robinson Sr. that will appear in the future. However, just like the poetry page, one or two of my other works and works in progress may appear in it's intirety on this web-site.
1. This link will take you to an introduction of a novel I wrote at the same time as the muffins based in Wichita Falls, Texas titled,
2. This page will take you to a page that will link you a short story titled: Benjamin Franklin Berrington and the Green Ivy. I may have the complete story on this web-site with in the next year or so.  press HERE.
3. The Trials of CiCi Thompson

4. Lorianna
5. The Muffin Chronicles
6. Dr Incredible Amaziah
my info Page press here
Timothy K Robinson