Poetry By Tim Robinson
The Muffins
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POEM: A Slave's Song ...Page One
Poem: A Poem I will Share...Page Two
Poem: When It Rains
Page 15
Poem: A World of love, Poem I
(Couldn't we dream)
Page 16
Poem: You Warms My Heart
...Page Three  (To You)
Poem: A Love Song (Of my Savior Devine)...Page Four
Poem: Summer Blue Sky...
Page Five
Poem: A world of Love, Poem II
(Let us hold hands)
No Poems on this page, just a few pictures..
Page six
Poem: Old Glory Still
Page 18
Poem: Jesus says, Come unto Me...Page Seven
Poem:The Bible
(your answer)
Page 19
Poem: The Black Woman
by Tim Robinson...Page Eight
Poem: The Cancer Poem
Page 20
Poem: I can Make it to a place I can sit...Page Nine
Poem: Jesus Christ BE My Friend
Page 21
Peom: Life (Without Christ)
Page Ten
Poem: A Gentle Romance Pg 22
Three Poems    (My three elite poems      written in 1982)
   1.   Education
   2.   Smile
    3.  Family         
Page 11
Poem: Stand on Christ
(Not on Sinkin' Sand)
Page 23
Poem: In Spring
   (A triple time ryme)
Page 12
Poem: My Mother
Page 24
Poem: Sobriety (Now I'm Sober)
Page 13
Poem: Am I Worth Living?
Page 25
Poem: In Our Heavenly Dream
Page 14
Poem: Natural Adorment & Song to the Butterfly.   Page 26
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Short Saga Of African American Hostory