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The Muffins
Old Glory Still

It's the Red, White, & Blue
Who's meaning stands so true...
...One heart, one mind
    If inter twined

Through a many a battled
Some indecisions unsettled...
    She stood high
    Through out the battle cry.

On liberty she was found
And she stood high above the ground...
     ...In pursuit of peace
     For freedom to increase.

Let our hearts reveal,
And our souls not conceal...
     ...How our hearts feel,
     For oh Old Glory still.

There its radiance bright
As it brightens our darkest nights...
     Can we console
      Its majestic symbol?

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For you, for me, it stand.
For this great country & land...
     ...Never a light it'll die
     For us it climbed high.

Be faithful, be clear, be true
For freedom it represents you
     Old Glory stands for
     something real
     For it's Old Glory Still.
Timothy K Robinson

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