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!984 I consider the golden year of my poetry writing. I wrote more poems that year than any year in my entire life.
The reason, perhaps it was the year my second son was born and now I have two babies to share my love. Perhaps it was a year I felt the begining of the end of my marriage was taking place.
I am not recording all the poems I wrote that year on this web-site but only a some of them. Here is one when I decided to make Jesus Christ my true friend.
This is also the year I began wiriting two Novels, The first,
Across the Red River, and the second The Muffins
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Jesus Christ Be My Friend

Jesus Christ be my friend
Be there when I hurt
So on life I won't desert
Be there when things be fine
And me you to remind
That I still need you
Come sunshine or blue.
I know that you'll be true,
I can't be free
And helpful, I cannot be
Without you my christ
Who gives me life.
And when I can't stand
Comehold my hand
On you I depend
Jesus Christ be my friend

               Timothy K Robinson Sr
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