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The following poem I wrote after watching a special on St. Jude Hospital on TV while living in Wichita Falls, Texas and a member of the United States Air Force. I do not have cancer and hope to never have the dreaded desease, but I could feel what the children on TV feel while watching the special.
If anyone read this poem has the desease and wants to print it out and hang it up, I give him/her permission to do so.
Timothy K Robinson Sr.
The Cancer Poem
(for victims of cancer)

Although I have cancer
My life does not have to end
I don't have to stop my smile
Because I'm living all the while.
I can enjoy the sun
Play and have fun
For I hope and pray
And believe one day
Of this malady I suffer
Will inspire another
To find a cure all together,
So we all cancer won't suffer.
This sickness may persist you see
And have a grip on me
But it won't defeat me
Just be brave, because happiness is my key.

Timothy K. Robinson Sr
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