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The following poem I wrote on the ARC
(Alcohol Rehabilition) unit of Shephard AFB in 1984 during an AA meeting. Although I have never been an alcholic, I could feel the sincerity of everyone at the meeting. I put together this poem while on the floor with the military personal that were going through alcohol and drug rehab.
(Now I'm Sober)

Once it was my master,
It made me feel like a living bastard.

Its taste each day I crave...
...not knowing my end was the grave.

It stole my life as a thief
It brought me misery and grief.

Then one day.
I had to say:

"To it I admitted defeat"
But yet I didn't retreat.

I'm sober today
Each day I hope to stay.

Now that I master it
In society I truly fit...

With my higher power, problems I share,
For I know He truly cares.

Yes now I truly live
Someone else love I can give.

And a place, now I can reach
One day at a time, one step each..

Climbing that high tower
With sobriety power.

For there is no goodness I can be
I'm sober as you may see.

Timothy K Robinson
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