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The Evening before the muffin children were evacuated from their New England homes they gathered to the
Amphitheater to take turns entertaining one another. On stage they take turns singing, dancing, reciting poetry and prose, or just making speeches to celebrate their last evening in the villages.
This is when Grandfather Muffield, one of the few remaining adult muffin, learns that two of the children are out on a wild adventure.
Solomon Dayfair and David Mayfield are in Solomon's brand new flyingmobile flying north east on an adventure. There is a rumor going around he heard on radio and holo-disc that the evil ship Cobrola may be hiding in the hills of Newfoundland Island and Solomon wants to see if this is so. He brings his camera his reluctant cousin David, his little robot Tin-can, energy weapons, and dark colored monk robes, and takes off to see if the rumor is true.
Solomon believes he has enough time to take a picture and return to the villages and depart with the escorts when they arrive the following day.
However, something is drawing Solomon into the Cobrola...something...this something needs him to come in and aquire a great stone of power, will, and wisdom in order to keep the Emperor of New America's greatest enemy from obtaining--this something is the legendary BRUISED DIAMOND. 

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