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The Muffin Songs are copyright with the Muffins in the year 2005 and 2006 with the Library of Congress.

Any song may be used by permission only from Timothy K. Robinson Sr.
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From Chapter 18 of The Muffins Part Two.

It is Solomon who attempts to cheer everyone up.
     "Cheer-up, David," Solomon said
     "Cheer-up? Why should I?" David asked, "Our cousin Charlotte is missing and you are the only one thinking everything is okay."
     "We will find her soon," Solomon assured him, "So my dear cousin, David Mayfield, please let me see a little cheer,"
      He sings...

"Let Me see you smile, smile, smile
You've been in a gloom for a while
Brighten up your day
Don't remain in dismay
     'Though things are bad
     We don't have to be sad
      So let me see you smile
Oh let me see you smile, smile, smile
Brighten up your day
Don't remain in dismayt
     Although it all looks to be bad
     Things will workout, so don't be sad."

Timothy K. Robinson Sr
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