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Chapter Two

     Benny's problems in school are far from few. He has problems in every class academically because he does not remain in class most days the entire period. Usually an argument with another student or a verbal altercation with a teacher will land him in the office with the principal or in a seat alone in the hallway. His test grades are Cs, Ds, and Fs with him failing most tests. The problem with his poor grades is not because he is unable to do the work, but it is because he refuses to work.
He is angry with the world because his father was killed accidentally by a street walker who loved to pick fights with anyone for the pleasure of it. This made Benny angry with life. Benny feels life has no real meaning without his dad.
     If an adult, as a school teacher, speaks to him concerning his lack of school work or behavior, he will display anger at the adult or teacher and will lash out him or her verbally. His biggest problem is with his math teacher.
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