Fishing Man
by Keona Martin (an ode to her grandfather Milton Cooper Sr. who loved his family and loved to fish.)[1997]

Let me tell you about the fishing man.
This man is wonderful,
He's the type of man every woman would want,
He's a strong Black Man,
He has a head on his shoulder,
He's a Strong Black Man everyday.

I think about you grandpa...I wish you were here with me,
I remember when you use to come over at 6AM...
and think that everybody need to be in the shower and...
dress for the day.
At night I cry and wish you were still here with me,
because the family would still be the way we used to be.

Every night I'm going to light a candle in your honor...
There will never be another man like you.
I'm lost without you...
So, what am I going to do?

Its been so long since the Lord took you home.
I ask God, 'Why did you take him away from me?'
But now, in order I can understand why left...
God had to take you away because...
He had that mansion and them pearl gates waiting on you.

Well, I don't have to worry about you...
because, God has you now I know.

I should have been dead and gone,
but, God sent you as my gaurdian angel...
To watch over me.

That's why I'm still here safe and in strong health...
Because the grace of God.

Do that be you, when that leaf follows me home?
When I wake up that same special leaf is waiting on me...
to get me where I got to go and get me home safe.
I call that special leaf my safe passage.

Remeber, you're not forgotten and...
remenber...(from) everybody: you're sadly missed
and LOVED.

                                      Your Grandbaby

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