The Ruins of Montreal
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Upon clicking on to this picture, one will see a ruff draft of the entrance into the underground city of the people of the future Montreal.
During the great nuclear and biological wars, the English and French speaking communities of Montreal hid in underground bunkers. Many of the people people died but many remained alive because of a medicine taken, made from of one of the 29 formulas of a great scientist of the 21st Century.
Although people survived the turbulant times of North America in this city, many of the people obtained a genetic mutation that affected their faces.
All of the people of Montreal faces turned in to a feature that made them look like a blackish skeletol like appearance. However, their hair grow like noormal on their heads and this appearance only affected their faces.
Their faces look so horrible that a visitor seeing a face may become sick when he/she looks upon one. Each Montreal person of this time wears a hood, with only his/her eyes seen through holes, when a visitor comes to the island city.

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(cont.) The life expectancy of these people is no more than age forty. If one lives tp age forty-five he or she has lived to a ripe old age.
The birth rate is very low. Each couple may be able to have no more than two children...if he or she is fortunate. A third child born is cause for celebration. Each child is born has the horrible faces of their parents.
However, one in every thirty-five births may bring a child into the world with a normal face. The people of Montreal always contact the city Ossassii (New York) and give this child to an orphange in the hope a family will adopt the child.
This child that is born with a normal face will live the normal life expectancy of all New Americans and he/she will always have normal children. Scientist are working to fix this ugly mutation problem.
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