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The picture this page links to is a scene in the third book of the Muffin series called The World of The Muffins Part One.

The struggle between the powerful New America and the ever growing R.A.S.H. Empire (Rash) has been continual because of Rash's long time desire to rule the world after the age of the great nuclear and biological wars. Solomon Dayfair has the coveted legendary Bruised Diamond which the emperor of Rash wants. Solomon took the diamond from Rash.
David, Solomon, and Charlotte are in court before civil and military authorities explaining why they have the Bruised Diamond. The diamond is in their hands because if the emperor of Rash obtains it again... All Goodness As the World Knows will  Cease to Exist. The authorities want Solomon, who is the possessor of the Bruised Diamond, to give it back to the Emperor of Rash hoping its return will bring peace to the world. However, this is not true. The emperor of Rash intends to rule the world with the power of the Bruised Diamond and he intends to exterminate the life of every muffin on earth and the life of anyone who gets into his way of his quest.
Therefore, they must keep the diamond out of the hands of the emperor of Rash no matter how they are pressured to give up the stone.
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