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The Muffin Story in Words Pictures by Timothy K. Robinson
This part of the web-site will take about a year  or two to complete. But I will attempt to do the entire muffin story on this web-site as simply as possible in order for young children to be able to understand The Muffins.
The entire muffin story will not be pictures on the following pages. The entire story can be found in The Muffins.
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Instructions: When you read the web page, click on the picture if you like. Then hit the BACK button and go to the bottom of the page and click on to next page. REMEMBER, The entire muffin story will not not be complete on this web-page. The purpose of this page is for sneak preview purposes only. HOWEVER, follow along as I add a page and a computer drawing to this part of the web page occasionally.
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It is a Thousand, Thousand years into our future
In Chapter One: A New England Celebration

Once in a coming time:
Once in a coming time, after the death of their parents, all of the muffin children of the New England villages are going to be taken to the Day City because of a threat. The threat comes from New America's enemy RASH who wants to strike the New England villages muffin for no other reason but hate. the emperor of RASH  hate muffins.
Grandfather Muffield is the only adult muffin with all of the children muffins in the this night as the muffin children are singing, dancing, and reading poetry to one another on the villages' amphi-theater stage.
Grandfather Muffield has jsut been informed by two of his grandchildren, Charlotte Muffield and Thomas Muffield, that two of the muffin children are not here tonight. They are off on a wild adventure to Newfoundland Island because of rumors that the evil ship, the Cobrola, is hiding on the island.
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