The Muffins by timothY k. robinson
Contents of Part One and Part Two
It is a thousand, thousand years into the future...


The Chase (
Due out in Oct.2006)

Chapter One:
A New England Celebration

Chapter Two:
The Cobrola

Chapter Three:
Lord Charles Buckingham of Britain

Chapter Four:
On Board the Cobrola (A Diamond Thief)

Chapter Five:
Back to the Muffin Villages

Chapter Six:
A Slight Delay

Chapter Seven:
Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight:
The St. Lawrence Chase

Chapter Nine:

Chapter Ten:
Deakara (Preistess of Canada)

Chapter Eleven:
The Last St. Lawrence Chase

Chapter Twelve:
The Bluelake People

Chapter Thirteen:
Bluelake People's Battle

Chapter Fourteen:
A Bit O' History

Chapter Fifteen:
The End of the Tunnel

Chapter Sixteen
Rest For the Weary
The Muffins are here to Stay. Read about them. You will love
The Muffins
timothY k. robinson
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of The

Part Two
In Preparation

(Due out in July 2007)

Chapter 17
Charlotte and the Goblanders

Chapter 18
Expanding One's Faith

Chapter 19
Tuscaroran Territory

Chapter 20
On Trial in Buffalo

Chapter 21
Fairway to Lorain

Chapter 22
Battle of the Bigfoot People

Chapter 23

Chapter 24
The Good Goblander

Chapter 25
The Friendly Giant

Chapter 26

Chapter 27
The Evil Giant

Chapter 28
A Troll Under my Bridge

Chapter 29
The Electrical Mountains

Chapter 30
Master Z

Chapter 31
Escape Into a Den of Thieves

Chapter 32
A Message Carried by Birds

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Chapter 33
The Electrical  Storm

Chapter 34
Fairwell to 500 Mountain